About CodaMarket

Our mission is to create the safest and most secure marketplace for you to find the latest themes, plugins and digital items. This is a mission we are committed to and strive towards every day to ensure your experience is the best on CodaMarket.

Buyer and authors can expect high responsiveness from our support team (usually within 24 hours) and best help and support on CodaMarket queries.

Day by day we aim to improve our site with small simple solutions to make our marketplace the safest and most secure for everyone.

CodaMarket Story

We launched with a mission to make the best marketplace for buyers and sellers. Our fees are transparent and we want to ensure that we deliver an easy and great experience.

Our competitors charge high fee's on authors sales often with a lot of restrictions and conditions. We want to change this and give the authors and buyers flexibility so it's simpler to when doing transactions on our marketplace.